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Programs Of Study

The following Program of Study templates are intended to be customized by each high school, career center, and vocational school to reflect their unique curriculum offerings. Counselors, teachers, and administrators may find the POS Portal helpful when talking with students and parents about career pathways and related learning experiences at their school and beyond.

Linking your school's courses, activities, and community's resources through the portal can provide 24/7 access to information that will be useful as students consider the wide range of career pathways available to them.

Developing your own POS Portal provides a great opportunity for conversations among all teachers, counselors, and administrators to define what set of learning experiences may best meet students interests in your school. You are encouraged to promote opportunites where CTE teachers, English teachers, mathematics teachers, social science teachers, science teachers, and fine arts teachers engage in conversations that go beyond "college prep" and explore the types of learning experiences that will engage students in meaningful preparation and decision making about career awareness and career planning.

Program of Study Portal Templates


Automotive Technology

Early Childhood Education

Fire Science

Graphic Communications


High School Program of Study Examples 

Kaneland High School Programs of Study

Newark High School Programs of Study

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