Valley Education for Employment System

Early College Credit

Articulated Credit Agreements

Waubonsee Community College, Joliet Junior College and Kishwaukee College award college credit when learning experiences at the high school level of instruction duplicate those at the college level.

College credit enables students to receive advanced placement, save time and money, and avoid duplication of material learned in high school.  Students must earn an A or B in the class and apply for credit within two years after graduation.

Articulated credit is not the same as dual credit. For an overview of articulated credit vs dual credit click here and for information specific to dual credit contact Waubonsee Community College.

The following is a list of high schools/career centers where there are courses for which college credit can be earned. For further information, call VALEES at (630) 466-5736.

Articulated credit Poster 1 and Poster 2.

Click on the name of the school and year below to see which courses are available for articualted credit and to download the appropriate application form. You may complete page one of the request form online and either print the entire application or save it as a pdf. Once you have completed the appropraite form you will need to forward it to the VALEES office for review. Be sure to indicate which courses you are seeking articulated credit for (page two of the application). See your school counselor for specific directions regarding forwarding your completed application to VALEES. When your application has been reviewed by VALEES, you will be notified of the status of your articulated credit request. DO NOT SEND MONEY with your application form.

The recording fee for Waubonsee CommunityCollege is $10.00 per credit hour. This fee is paid to Waubonsee Community College upon registration for a college course.