Valley Education for Employment System

Graphic Communications Student Of The Year

Applications are now available for the 2017 Graphics Student of the Year award

In preparation for the Graphics Student of the Year interview and dinner, please find attached 1. the student application form and 2. the Freedom Apparel project description.
To review the process,
1.) You (the teacher) select/nominate a student to the VALEES regional Graphics Student of the Year interview. Only one nomination per high school please. How you select the student is at your discretion.
2.) Student completes the application (attached here and on the Website) and a resume and submits to our office (directions for submission are on the application) by Friday, March 17, 2017. Only the application and resume need to be completed by March 17.
3.) Students are called by our office and scheduled for a 20-minute interview slot.
4.) Students are interviewed the evening of Tuesday, April 11, 2017. At the interview they should have:
       --- their Freedom Apparel project (note that the project description lists required and optional items) MOUNTED ON A BOARD. This is a new requirement for 2017 after it was discussed and agreed upon in 2016. In the box at the top of the application, this requirement is clearly stated.
      --- a portfolio of previous work. Maximum portfolios pieces is 8. Also stated on the application in the box, "It is recommended by the interview panel that you bring a physical portfolio or have high-resolution images if your portfolio is digital."
Graphics Student of the Year award recipients:
  • Briana Avalos, Oswego High School, 2016
  • Jeremy Faletto, Fox Valley Career Center, 2015
  • Nelly Thom, Oswego High School, 2014
  • Melissa Tassone, IVVC (Sandwich High School), 2013
  • Alex Eisbrener, Oswego High School, 2012
  • Nicholas Vidmar, Oswego High School, 2011
  • Kristopher Wright, Oswego High School, 2010
  • Benjamin Isacksen, Batavia High School, 2009
  • Jacqueline Rose Smith, Fox Valley Career Center, 2008
  • Matthew Winecke, Batavia High School, 2007
  • Jenny Walker, Fox Valley Career Center, 2006
  • Jessica Young, Oswego High School, 2005
  • Melanie Kail, Indian Valley Vocational Center, 2004
  • Dustin McNichols, Oswego High School, 2003
  • Chad Steward, Batavia High School, 2002
  • Allison Moore, Batavia High School, 2001